Naira Black Market Currency Exchange P2P Platform

Buy And Sell Currencies Vs The Naira Online

Buy From Pay With Trade Duration Price Type Rate per Currency
Don Richie
United Bank For Africa (UBA)
25 Minutes
Fixed Price
750.00 NGN / USD
772.00 NGN
Limits: 1,000,000.00 – 7,000,000.00 NGN buy
Mr. Billz
Guaranty Trust Bank Plc
25 Minutes
Fixed Price
750.00 NGN / USD
770.00 NGN
Limits: 500,000.00 – 8,000,000.00 NGN buy
ultra projects
Access Bank
25 Minutes
Fixed Price
750.00 NGN / USD
770.00 NGN
Limits: 400,000.00 – 5,000,000.00 NGN buy
FinLuxe Inc
First Bank of Nigeria Limited
25 Minutes
Fixed Price
750.00 NGN / USD
771.00 NGN
Limits: 380,000.00 – 5,000,000.00 NGN buy
Sell To Get Paid With Trade Duration Price Type Rate per Currency
Aderinwale Sherifat Bose
MTN Mobile Money
25 Minutes
Market Price
750.00 NGN / USD
Limits: 50,000.00 – 90,000.00 NGN Sell
The SImple Logic

How Naira Black Market P2P Platform Works

Buy and Sell currencies on Naira Black Market P2P in 5 easy steps:

Create an Offer

You will need to either create a buy or sell offer to allow you trade with other members all around the world. Immediately the offer is created, the currency asset will be escrowed by FX Inflow P2P Platform.

Trade Your Offer

Once your order gets accepted by the buyer or seller, you can go ahead to trade and exchange your currencies within our monitored and supervised system.

Buy Orders

FOR BUYERS: Go ahead and pay the seller. Send the money to the seller via the seller's allowed payment method then click on 'Paid' on FX Inflow P2P Platform once it is done.

Sell Orders

FOR SELLERS: Confirm the payment (check the transaction record of your given payment account to make sure you have received the money sent by the buyer). Once you confirm receipt of the payment, you release the currency to the buyer via the FX Inflow P2P Platform.

Withdraw Anytime

You can withdraw all your money after buying and selling currencies to your bank account anytime you wish.


Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions

More Questions
What Is Naira Black Market P2P Platform?
The Naira Black Market P2P Platform is an online currency exchange platform that allows peer-to-peer currency exchange transactions between traders.
What Is A Peer-To-Peer {P2P} Trading?
A peer-to-peer trading is a kind of online currency exchange transaction that occur between two people who are willing to buy or sell currencies. While one person is buying, the other one is selling to the buyer.
How Can I Do Peer-To-Peer Trading On Naira Black Market P2P Platform?
Performing a P2P transaction on our platform is pretty simple. All you have to do is to deposit the currency you intend to sell into the system. After depositing the money securely into the system, you simply create a sell offer asking buyers to come buy your currency. Once a buyer sees your offer and requests a trade, you accept his request then a trade session is established between you two. The buyer proceeds to send you the Naira equivalent of your currency. You release your currency from the system to the buyer after you have confirmed reception of the Naira. This goes both ways. That is how to do peer-to-peer trading on our platform.
What Is A Trade Offer And How Do I Create One?
A trade offer refers to your organised currency trade request made to appeal to either buyers or sellers to come transact with you. The trade offer usually come with the initiator's terms and conditions of trade. You can create your trade offer after you must have deposited the currency you wish to exchange into your account in your Naira Black Market P2P Platform account.
How Do I Sell Currencies On Naira Black Market P2P Platform?
It is very simple to sell your currencies in the system. All you need do is to make a deposit of the exact amount of the currency you wish to sell into the system. Once the amount has been deposited successfully, you simply go ahead to create your sell offer. Remember you cannot sell more than the amount of the deposited currency.
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