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11 Aug 2022
What Is P2P? This Post Shows You Exactly How Our Peer To Peer Network Works | Using The Binance P2P Model

What Is P2P And Its Full Meaning?

P2P simply means peer to peer. It is a type of business transaction that occurs between two individuals on a trading platform like ours. In a P2P transaction, one party is selling a currency while the other is buying that currency from the seller. It is a very simple logic that helps currency exchangers trade their currencies online fast in a very easy and convenient manner. Before now, Nigerians exchange USDT and other crypto currencies on Binance P2P but we have not only brought a crypto P2P platform to Nigerians but also a full blown currency P2P platform.

How Does The Naira Black Market P2P Platform Actually Work?

Our Peer to Peer platform works in a very simple manner. The seller makes deposit of the currency he/she intends to sell, then create a sell offer in the user dashboard . After the offer has been created, a buyer who finds the offer and the rate attractive, can hit the buy button to proceed. The buyer works with the condition of the seller by paying into the account of the seller. The seller confirms receipt of the funds and the buyer's desired currency gets automatically transferred to the buyer's wallet on our platform. The buyer can then proceed to withdraw his money using our various withdrawal methods. This is made possible and seamless as a result of our top notch escrow system.

What Currencies Can I Buy and Sell Using Your P2P Platform?

You can buy or sell any currency you wish including cryptos.

Is My Money Safe On This Platform?

Yes of course. Your money is 100% safe as all funds deposited on our platform are hosted in top financial institutions in the US and UK.

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