What Is Naira Black Market P2P Platform?

The Naira Black Market P2P Platform is an online currency exchange platform that allows peer-to-peer currency exchange transactions between traders.

What Is A Peer-To-Peer {P2P} Trading?

A peer-to-peer trading is a kind of online currency exchange transaction that occur between two people who are willing to buy or sell currencies. While one person is buying, the other one is selling to the buyer.

How Can I Do Peer-To-Peer Trading On Naira Black Market P2P Platform?

Performing a P2P transaction on our platform is pretty simple. All you have to do is to deposit the currency you intend to sell into the system. After depositing the money securely into the system, you simply create a sell offer asking buyers to come buy your currency. Once a buyer sees your offer and requests a trade, you accept his request then a trade session is established between you two. The buyer proceeds to send you the Naira equivalent of your currency. You release your currency from the system to the buyer after you have confirmed reception of the Naira. This goes both ways. That is how to do peer-to-peer trading on our platform.

What Is A Trade Offer And How Do I Create One?

A trade offer refers to your organised currency trade request made to appeal to either buyers or sellers to come transact with you. The trade offer usually come with the initiator's terms and conditions of trade. You can create your trade offer after you must have deposited the currency you wish to exchange into your account in your Naira Black Market P2P Platform account.

How Do I Sell Currencies On Naira Black Market P2P Platform?

It is very simple to sell your currencies in the system. All you need do is to make a deposit of the exact amount of the currency you wish to sell into the system. Once the amount has been deposited successfully, you simply go ahead to create your sell offer. Remember you cannot sell more than the amount of the deposited currency.

What Deposit And Withdrawal Methods Do You Currently Provide?

You will need to have the barter by flutterwave app to be able to use our service. That is the only method we currently support as it's functionality fits into the scope of our platform.

What Is The Security Of My Money On This Platform?

Your money is 100% secure as all monies deposited via our platform are securely deposited with banks until they get traded off the platform. Our platform require a deposit from sellers to be able to protect both parties against fraud. We don't store funds as we are not a bank. We only escrow funds in order to facilitate a very safe and secure transaction between buyers and sellers plus money withdrawals are instant!

What Are Your Trade Security Measures?

We know the impact of fraud in online business so we have carefully developed a model that protects both the buyers and sellers of foreign currencies on our platform. The logic behind our system is quite simple: Before a buyer or seller transact on our platform he/she will need to make a deposit of the amount he/she intends to transact with into our system. So when the buyer buys the currency, the funds will be released to him from the system under a very strict supervision. While the seller gets his own currency from the buyer into his wallet on the system after the two parties have completed the trade. In case there's a conflict of interest or dispute, the trade is cancelled and funds get refunded to the parties respectively. This is our simple trade security logic. So this means that when you see a trade offer on our platform, it has already been funded by the owner of the offer waiting for trade requests from prospective buyers or sellers. And no prospective buyer or seller can get into any offer without funding their account on Naira Black Market P2P Platform.

What Are Your Deposit And Withdrawal Charges?

All deposits are free but our withdrawal charge stands at %0.3 only.

What Are Your Deposit And Withdrawal Limits?

Currently, the minimum deposit limit for US Dollars, British Pounds and Euro stand at 100 while the maximum deposit and withdrawal limit is 10,000. Subsequently, the minimum and maximum deposit and withdrawal limits of the Naira stands at N10,000 and N10,000,000

What Is KYC And Why Is It Important?

KYC stands for Know Your Clients (customers). It is a popular practice amongst financial companies to complete the KYC procedure to avoid issues with relevant authorities. So it is important to have these relevant documents checked and filed to avoid unforeseen issues of fraud or other financial misappropriation.



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