Creating an offer on our platform is super easy, fun and fast. Take a look at all the practical steps you need to follow:
1. If you are selling a currency, you will need to deposit the currency into the appropriate channels available on our platform. Meanwhile if you're buying a currency, you do not need to make a deposit to transact
2. When you have decided to trade your currencies on our platform, simply click on 'Create Offer' to start.
After this is opened, you will see a new page showing you all the currencies in your wallet and how much money you have in them.

3. Simply select a Sell or Buy 

4. Choose your rates {You can decide to use the current market rates or choose the 'fixed price' option where you can fix your own rate you wish to buy or sell a particular currency or crypto}

5. Choose the minimum amount and maximum amount of money you're willing to sell or buy
6. Offer Terms {Input your offer terms. This refers to your terms of operation. e.g you could tell your prospective partners your terms and conditions of trade},

Trade Instructions { Here, you can provide your account number where you want your prospective buyers or sellers to pay money into before you release currencies after selling}



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